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Math and Language Arts are critical study areas acting as an anchor for the success of your student.  Brightly illustrated lessons for grades K-6 include a variety of activities, making learning fun.  Complete teacher materials make it easy for your student’s progress.  Each of the 160 lessons begins with a new concept or an expansion of a previously covered concept.  Every concept follows a deliberate pattern of introduction and gradual development, ensuring familiarity.

Horizons Phonics and Reading
Horizons Phonics and Reading is a program for kindergarten-grade 2 students to comprehensively develop the reading skills acquired in preschool.  This phonics-based word recognition and easy program, an alternative to the kindergarten LIFEPAC Gold curriculum, uses brightly illustrated readers to teach letter sounds, reading, spelling, rhyming, sequence and elementary part of speech.  Are mastered before your child advances to next lesson.

Horizons Mathematics
The Horizons Mathematics program is an alternative to the LIFEPAC Gold Curriculum for the early grade levels, which concentrates on building elementary skills in math.  Available for students in K through 6th, Horizons Math lays a solid foundation for math success.

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary
The Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary is a program for students in grades 1-2.  New Spelling words are introduced through activities and puzzles.  The fun, colorful format of the workbooks encourages students to improve and develop their vocabulary and spelling skills.  Spelling and vocabulary lessons are designed around a weekly schedule with a variety of practice formats.  Built in flexibility allows the instructor to add words to alter the specifications for the writing assignments to tailor the material to the individual student.

Horizons Preschool:
Biblically based lessons and hands-on learning activities give preschoolers an introduction to social studies, Language arts, math, phonics, and science.  Additional topics such as health & safe crafts, music, and physical education add variety and depth to this foundational curriculum.  This program can be easily adapted to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives with a flexible organizational structure.  The 180 lessons come packaged in two student books, two teacher’s guides, a sing along music CD , and a resource packet.  Basic flashcards and other manipulatives are included in the resource packet.  An optional package of recommended multimedia is available separately.


The Paper Based Curriculum Program has two different paper-based curriculums to choose from depending on the grade level.  Alpha Omega LIFEPAC is available for K-12 grades.  Horizons is available for preschool-2nd grades (math for k-6th grades and penmanship for 1st-5th grades).  Horizons information is at the bottom of this page.  Our preschool and kindergarten programs are covered more in detail under the Curriculum menu button above.

ENA Advantages:

  • Student diagnostic testing for proper academic placement.
  • Academic projection for graduation to clarify student requirements for motivation.
  • School enrollment, but work at home.
  • High School Transcript from a school.
  • Optional standardized testing which can be done at home (Additional $50)

The Paper-Based Curriculum Program Includes:

  • Five subjects from Math, Language Arts, History/Geography, Science, Bible and Electives
  • Teacher’s Guides for all subjects
  • Handbook of Instructions.
  • Record Keeping Materials
  • Report Card
  • Shipping and Tax Included

home school, home school support, parental help in education, home school on-lineENA will normally structure paper based curriculum users with LIFEPAC curriculum unless the parent specifies they like to use Horizons.  Horizons information is further below.

With LIFEPAC, student’s work in full-color work-texts, combining exercises, projects, reviews, and tests.  The LIFEPAC structure features a systematic review of learned concepts.  Each new concept or skill is reinforced within the LIFEPAC work-text in which it is introduced.  Then concepts and skills are integrated across all five subjects in the curriculum.  Finally, previously mastered material becomes the building block for new concepts in higher-grade levels.

To build spiritual maturity and reinforce the biblical worldview, LIFEPAC studies incorporate Bible truths in the content.

LIFEPACs require that a student truly master the context and skills of one unit before progressing on to the next.  LIFEPAC combines the Biblical foundation with academic, providing the opportunity for students to evaluate their lessons from a Christian perspective.  An award-winning curriculum, LIFEPAC has been developed to provide the best learning experience for each student through personalized instruction and self-pacing. Each LIFEPAC subject comes in ten small workbooks: one workbook takes approximately three to four weeks to complete.  LIFEPAC is available to grades K-12 in five core subjects – Bible, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Science.  Electives are also available such as Accounting, American Literature, and Art.

Low Tuition:

  • Three payment options to choose from.  Tuition includes curriculum fees and shipping for five (5) core subjects.  Additional subjects $250 each.
  • 3rd-8th Grade Tuition Fees:           
    Full Year  $1190.00            Quarterly  $300.00            Monthly  $100.00
  • 9th-12th Grade Tuition Fees:           
    Full Year $1390.00             Quarterly  $320.00            Monthly  $116.00


Combine LIFEPAC subjects with our other curriculum!
Our online, CD and LIFEPAC curriculums are stand-alone programs and can be used individually.  However, some use LIFEPACs for a few subjects and CD or online for others.  Please see our Combination Curriculum Method listed on page one.

Quick view of LIFEPAC paper curriculum! Screenshots of random pages.  (new window will open, click once on image to enlarge, close window when finished viewing)

Language Arts LIFEPAC samples by grade:
Kindergarten, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12

Math LIFEPAC samples by grade::
Kindergarten, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12

History & Geography LIFEPAC samples by grade:
2, 3, 6, 8, 12

Science LIFEPAC samples by grade:
1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 11

Bible LIFEPAC samples by grade:
Early Reader, 1, 3, 4, 8